Jon Olsson

Surf and Turf


I will admit that its a bit easier to blog when you spend the day at a beautiful place like Nikki beach then when you work on your driveway and take pictures of broken concrete! ;-) Spent yesterday at Nikki with a bunch of friends and had an amazing lunch! If you ever go, make sure to take the surf and turf, its the best lunch I have had down here(and not as expensive as I would have thought)! Think we left at 8 and went back to my place and had a few drinks until 1am. So I am a little tired today but thanks to a great indian meal at midnight and a lot of water I feel pretty good!

So I think I am going to head down to Los Naranjos for a golf round, have been playing with Alex Noren for the past few days and learnt a ton so I think I have my golf stoked back again! Its just incredible what small little tips from world class players can do! I just have to make sure to get Alex down here again soon so I can get some more tips! haha


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  • Not sure which is better… Your days on or days off… Hard to pick. Either way, keep up the good work.

  • Rud

    Boob job – for sure.