Jon Olsson

Surf break!


So its not all bad to have a bag lost, especially when that happens in Sydney! Met up with a few friends here and went straight from the airport to the beach! Was pretty decent size out there and after taking a few waves on the head I was wide awake from the long flight over! Super fun to get an unexpected surf session and I am pretty sure I will have time for another session tomorrow before I hopefully drive over to Perisher. That is if my bag gets here tomorrow…

Right now I am fighting a horrible case of jet lag, the surf session in combination with the time difference is just killing me, but if I can stay awake for a couple more hours I should be good! Cant wait to crawl down into a warm bed and just sleeeeeeep! haha


  • Toroto

    Your happiness is contagious. How is posible your life is sooo good? Tell me the secret. :) :)

  • Matt Bell

    Jon, it’s good to see that you are in the land down under!

    If you’re up for a surf tomorrow, I highly recommend Freshwater beach. It’s just past the headland near Manly.
    If you’re down there I might see you, or just shoot us a message, It would be awesome to meet you.

    Enjoy mate,

  • Hey Jon, would you be interested in a video blog while you are down under? I’m a longtime fan of your blog, been following you since 2008! When I saw you were getting back into freestyle skiing I couldn’t have been more stoked (please please please bring back JOSS). Anyways I run a small production company down here in Sydney at the moment, would be more than happy to offer our services while you are down here. Let me know if you are interested! Contact us at