Jon Olsson

Surfing with great whites!


Just got back home after a fantastic day in the water! But just as I sat down on the couch I got THIS LINK sent to me. Turns out the video of the Monster Great White was filmed this morning about 200m from where I have been surfing all day! If I would have known that I would have set a new paddle speed record to the beach. I do not like to have great whites in the water when I surf! haha  Does not seem to bother the Australians much but I am going to force the Red Bull guys that I was surfing with today to pick another spot tomorrow! haha  Kind of freaking out a bit right now if I am totally honest!

As you know I get really into everything so now that i know I am off to Hawaii in couple of weeks I decided to look for a new board. Ended up leaving with two new epic Al Merricks, a bag, fins, pads etc… haha As I am far from an expert it was great to spend an hour with the guys at Onboard store and talk about what I needed, so now I am all set and have nothing to blame if I suck!

As you can see on the last picture, I have found a pretty sweet place to stay while I am waiting for my bag, so I think I will survie another night here! ;-)


  • The Shot Caller

    Are you surfing at Bondi beach? I recommend going up the ooast a bit to surfers paradise and also to the barrier reef to the north of that for some incredible snorkeling and golfing too

    Players make plays

    Praise God

    My buddy is a big fisherman guy he was fishing off the coast of San clemente ca 3 miles off coast and they had a 1000 plus pond great white he said it was huge and scary

    Game up to having fun and game up to the topless women at the beach I think all this fun will help propel your skiing to another level

  • Ricksurft

    What are the sizes from the boards? Looks epic!

    • JON

      A 6.0 and a 6.6!


  • Will

    At some point Jon, I think you’re just going to have to acknowledge that you no longer give a shit about skiing. It couldn’t be more apparent from your blog since your acl tear. Which is totally fine, life goes on. But you may as well just admit it then to say you’re going to Australia to ski, when it’s pretty clear, you don’t really have any interest.

    • JON

      Well I did go here to ski 100% but if I dont have skiis I cant really help it, if I had zero interest I dont think I would fly across the world to go skiing, that would not make much sence would it? If I just wanted a surf trip I would go to Indo… So yes yes there are a lot of other things in life then skiing, but I came here to ski and as soon as I have skiis I will be right back on the snow.


  • That view! Any more pics of the house you’re stayin?

    • JON

      Yes, will get some up! ;-)


  • skiforsam

    is that in the suburb of seaforth

    • JON

      Yup! ;-)


  • Marien

    beautiful tiles in the pool, thats how yours should look like in marbella!! :)

    • JON

      Yea, its not bad!;-) I cant decide if I want this or white tiles… ;-)