Jon Olsson

Team snow on the golf course!


It seems that golf has become a very popular sport in the world of action sports, in the past a few guys played golf in NZ when we were there for the pre season training but now I feel like everyone is picking up this little sport!

Right now I have Gjermund Braaten and Crill staying with me down in Marbella and their golf stoke is impressive! Teed off at 8.15 this morning and had an amazing morning round at Los Naranjos! Its kind of crazy that we play the same course every day down here and not get sick of it, but the laid back attitude and great staff just makes it feel like a golf course should do. I like to play and have fun with friends, not get told off by a marshal that my shirt is hanging out to much… So if you like to have fun and play a relaxed round of golf, LN is the place to play down here!

Played off white tee today and had a few good holes which was nice as last time I played I wanted to kill myself as I sucked super bad! Its kind of insane how up and down golf can be, one stroke you kill it and the next you can't hit the ball. Imagine if it was the same in skiing, one day you do a nice double 10 and the next day you fall off the lift 3 times in a row… haha ;-)


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  • Colin

    Yo Jon, push your hands a little farther forward when you address the ball. You should make a straight line with your left arm and the club.

    in so doing, it will open the club face slightly, so you may need to push the ball a little farther forward with your driver to compensate, but see how it feels first.
    And with your irons, just square the club face up.

    cheers dude, stoked to see the skiers I look up to getting into the game I played before skiing!