Jon Olsson

So where do we begin! haha Why does some one end up doing this to a Rolls Royce?

As you know I have always loved to build custom things, most of the time its been super cars but with the trend becoming bigger and bigger in that segment I wanted to build something different! That and the fact that I now have a full time Vlog ( Link HERE ) and a partner (Thanks for always kicking ass Benni) Made me look for a new 4 seater.

I looked at RS6s, Nissan GT-Rs, Ferrari FFs etc, but in the end I wanted to fulfil a life dream of mine, to own a real Rolls Royce! Ever since I first sat in one I was blown away by its perchance and how big and crazy it looks! So about 6 months ago I thanks to Leo Vegas made the move and I bought one and sent it straight to Absolut motors!

The initial plan was to go for a crazy off road look as that was the only way I could figure out how to get cool winter wheels on it, but then the Vlog really took over my life and I did not have time to push the project and it ended up taking more time than planned! So here we are in the middle of the summer and I have build a street summer car with crazy extra lights and a roof cage! haha So in the end it ended up being a mix between the initial idea and a summer car! I am however super mega stoked that it turned out this way as I love the car. I am pretty sure I will not be invited to a Rolls club anytime soon with how insane this looks, but to have such a unique Rolls just feels great to a person who loves to do what other don’t! And since we got a Jet surf the whole roof cage idea turned out to be perfect! Now I can carry the board and go anywhere and have my extra fuel tanks on top so when I run out of gas on the highway I can just fill up (Yes I do that as I hate stopping to fuel! haha) But most of all I have my Rolls Royce with all the weird custom stuff I love!
Who would have thought that you could have a race car sounding, smoke shooting, cage carrying moster machine with a RR badge in the front? If someone showed me this car 15 years ago and said it was mine I would have laughed, no way that I would have been able to build something like that!

Of course there are more plans as I still know that there are no cool winter tires for normal RRs, so now its time to start planning for the winter! There is nothing like having ideas and bringing them to live, no matter how crazy they are! Thats what drives me every single time I build something!

I do have to thank everyone who help me with this car! Without them this would not be possible!

Leo Vegas for letting me think as crazy as I want and build the stuff I only used to dream about! You guys are the best partner one can wish for and I am so thankful for the things you have enabled me to do!
Kenneth and all the Boys from Absolute Motors for building the car and making every single detail special. You are amazing to work with and I would recommend everyone to send their cars to you!
Quicksilver for building me one amazing custom exhaust, I love you guys for being crazy enough to do this!
Jan Jetsurf fo hooking me up with a crazy summer toy, I can’t wait to get out there and try it out, now I don’t need waves to surf so I think I will live on this thing all summer long!
Alexander from Bilupplysningen for hooking me up with my super lights and providing the magnets to mount the roof cage without drilling huge wholes in the roof as I usually do! Alexander I owe you one!
Michael from Thredwear for always making my tires look awesome! I can’t believe you put George the Rolls on the tires, I love crazy people like you!
And of course my girlfriend Janni for putting up with all my crazy ideas and always bing supportive! And of course Benni my Overkill partner who is impressing me more and more every single day! You are truly the man of the day of making all the amazing videos!

George is now tested from Absolute motors in Rotterdam down to Marbella (2282 km straight starting at midnight after building the car) and he works great, I want wait to spend many more hours with him, he is both nice and gentle and crazy like race horse on steroids! Just like I love my cars!

Hope you guys like it, I know its not for everyone, but if it was I had failed in my mission to come up with new fun ideas! ;-)

Enjoy the video and all the pics, could not pick a few so ended up being a bunch! More videos coming in the week! Next one dropping Wednesday at 4pm and the every other day from than on for as long as I have the energy to keep on going!


  • Saittam Smart

    I Still waiting to see the Carbon Jet Surf Board you got to The George ,when will you test that ? Havent see any VLogs on that or any picture of that ?

  • WhuAnZinX

    WTF, that car is super cool man.. with 810 HP ?
    ah damned so envy…. :(

    bro … please visit my site if u like movie

  • Peter G

    This car is so cool :) the fact you have taken such a luxury car and customized it to what you like in the same way the guys in Vallåkra did with brand new Volvos ( used to live in Helsingborg ) is just such a brave decision! You have done what many would see as why would you? I just love it and I wish I could see more customised RR cars where I live in Scotland.

  • This is the craziest RR I’ve ever seen! And now this how RR makes sense to me xD Very happy for you, Jon!

  • DonStefanos

    Nico job jon! Nice picturs!
    But why are some Stickers only photoshopped? :-P

  • Anh-Duc Hoang

    Jon, possibly to post them in the highest res? I’d loved to have it as bakcground on my mac :)

  • Tomáš Cindr

    Those headlights on the roof will definitely will blind a driver, the light will reflect on the hood. Moving them more backwards should help, the front edge of the roof will made a shade as long as the hood is.
    I expected something more decent and smooth. The car itself is really overkill, but I think thats the way you do things:)

  • Stepan Stadnitiskiy

    Jon you creative savage. Absolutely perfect as always

  • Dany Mailly

    Hi Jon, I’m from Québec, Canada and I love your vlog. I love the way George is turning! For the golf cart, I think the name was Shorty!

    Dany Mailly

  • Parker Bomar

    Would love to see a Lightroom tutorial from you Jon, your photo style is top notch.

  • Aleksey Dolgiy

    craziest dude ever.

  • Stevie Ndong

    George Turned out super great…and I wasn’t expecting that crazy exhaust note, so big thumbs up to the guys at quick silver man. The Car’s to die for :)

  • SonaMahlin

    The golf cart shoul be named Georgina ( or jut Gina)

  • Pieter Heine


  • Maybe you want to hyperlink “( Link HERE )” in the 2nd paragraph ?! ;-)

    Nevertheless, SICK Car! I hope you have a great Day! :-)

    Lisa |

  • Kevin Pepler

    Can you make a wallpaper of the 4th picture in 3440×1440 that would be nice

  • Benjamin Säll

    Dude! This is thee most sick car I have ever seen! At first when you decided between RR and Ferrari FF I thought it was a big mistake to choose the RR. But you have once again(as always) showed me that the most amazing things and kick-ass ideas comes out of from thinking as far out from the box as possible. Most people aren’t able to do this but your not one of them! Awesome! *Highfive*

  • Amadeusz Labisz

    That would be so nice to get picture of George and golf car with Casa Camo at background :D

  • Arthur Guigal Hołdowicz

    si tu veux benjamin je peut devenir ta copine si il faut mettre une perruque !!!!!! tu préfère blonde brune ou rousse ???? team overkill les gars !!!!!! vous êtes les meilleurs !!!!!!!

  • Karl Rehn

    Man from the first time you started talking about a RR I was like gonna be dope but how can it beat those other cars. But hell yea man!! George became so clean, and sure it might not be your fastest car but making such a classy car looking so special and making it to a classy supercar is just something you could even dream about :D

  • Cyrille

    You are one crazy man… Love it.

  • looks really cool (;

  • Šimon Petrželka

    SAVAGE !!! You guys are crazy :D