Jon Olsson

The game changer!


There is not many cars that i get excited about these days, but the Koenigsegg One is just incredible in every single way! In the past I was not sure what my ultimate dream car would be, I liked the Egg, The Paganis, the La Ferrari, the Veyron, the P1 but now the super cars have a new undisputed king! This thing is just incredible! I think the 1341hp to 1360kg (inc 50% filled fuel tank and oils) and the double LMP wings suports just says it all!

Check out the full story on Gtspirit, can't wait to see one of these in reality! Think I need to head south and visit the factory very soon! ;-)

  • Suck

    Vilken djävla skit bil, P1 och 918 gör ju slarvsylta av den

  • GuitarSlinger

    Its official … CvK and his crew are freaking geniuses !!!

    [ the details of the beast ]

    And to think .. had GM played it straight … CvK’d be running SAAB right now ! Instead of those others running whats left of SAAB into the ground !

  • GuitarSlinger

    Yeah .. you being a Swede and all .. you really need to tuck a Koenigsegg .. if not the ‘One’ … then something in your stable ! I know I know .. the other guys sponsor you .. but there’s gotta be a bit of leeway to let a guy have a bit of fun on the side without creating any conflict [ heck my sponsor lets me play others guitars on stage ] BTW .. from the looks of things … ABT just trumped your RS6 … by a fair amount ! Those guys being THE go to Audi Tuners since way back in the day and still the best there is

    Also … EVO and Autoweek have full articles on the ‘ One ‘ as well … and I’ll bet CvK’s site’ll have a full run down .. and Jalopnik/YouTubeDrive are planning a video/photo series

    Get a Koenigsegg Jon … any one will do ;-)

  • lars

    Save your money man.

  • jonathan

    Kanske super specs men designen är nog inte den sexigaste. Framändans former ser lite “föråldrade” ut samt den “runda” designen av vindrutan och fönstren lite taskiga ut. Nog for att bilen är flashig men den faller nog på designen i jämförelse men de andra mera “väletablerade” superbilar – tyvärr.

  • Fredrik

    A beast! The only bad thing is the lame and extremely boring design. Not even close to its competitor LaFerrari and Lamborghini Aventador.

  • primus

    …bit too outdated in comparisson to the P1, 918, and the LaF

  • adam nelin

    Min absoluta drömbil! ;) Det finns ingen annan bil i hela världen som jag skulle ta före denna!

  • primus

    Design doees not follow performances, in the basics it’s the same from the start.

  • Sander

    This would be a mean gum ball machine! And we all know that Koenigsegg has experience with ski boxes ;)

  • Ben

    It looks like it’d take a roof box pretty well too. It’d be nice to see you drive swedish sometime in the future.

  • Jonathan

    Focus on business while you have some downtime and you might be able to afford one!

  • erik

    dom säger själva att den har 1360hk där av namnet one:1=power to wheight ratio. “Koenigsegg One:1 är unik på flera sätt. För det första är den världens första homologerade produktionssupersportbil med ett vikt/effekt-förhållande på ett till ett, därav namnet modellnamnet. One:1 har nämligen 1 360 hästkrafter och dess tjänstevikt, inklusive förare och vätskor) ligger på 1 360 kilo” – Teknikensvärld

  • Jack Hobhouse

    Are you not tempted by the ABT treatment to your RS6?

  • jonas cederberg

    vingen va ju inte vacker.. men daaamn vilka former!