Jon Olsson
  • jona

    hii Jon,
    Random fact – my name is Jona, I was born in Stockholm and lived there for about three years before we moved to Germany.
    The first two hoodies with the font in the middle are quite the best. If you produce them like here presented I would instantly buy them in white and black. They look so awesome.
    Regards Jona

  • Dominik Seitz

    Hello Jon, I’m watching your Videos to improve my English skills. What is the address for packages. We are a small company situated in the Black Forest which produces Currysauce in different tastes. It was impossible to find an emailaddress to contact you. Thanks a lot Nik

  • Titto Ephraim Mathew

    hey jon,can i have your mail id or something on which i could contact you.I would like to talk with you regarding few business prospects.You can check me out on my email id is “” or through LinkedIn I will be worth your time and you can count on me on that :D :D

  • Jens Michael Lund

    You should update your car section!