Jon Olsson

Fantastic Saturday!


The days down here are usually really nice, but yesterday was a little better than average!

Started out with 18 holes at Los Naranjos, managed to scrap up 36 points (at 16 in hcp) so I got 4th at the Naga golf tournament. Not expected since I have only played 9 holes in the last 6 months, but I guess that when you dont think to much its a lot easier to play! Had planned to be in Oslo for PK Hunders golf tournament this week end, but as I was unsure of how my knee was doing I ended up not going, but when yesterdays game worked as well as it did I wish I would have gone! Next year I am coming for you PK!

After that we spent the afternoon at Ocean club, I have not been able to decide if I like OC or Nikki better but yesterday the place was packed and the wibe was great so right now OC us ahead of Nikki in my book! ;-) Left around 8, treated myself with a great massage and got home in time for the bronze match!

Today its a bit grey down here so I think we will have a movie day and chill inside, still a little tired from our all night Båstad trip so I think a chill Sunday is just what we need so we are fully rested for a new week!


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