Jon Olsson

The Rebellion-Coming back to life!


So I know that I have been very quiet about this car for a while now, but now I thought it was time to give you an update on whats has been going on with it! ;-)

As some know the car was almost ready for Gumball in 2011 but the head gasket was not sealing perfectly so we had to leave the car and take the LP 670 instead. Just as so many times before I ended up getting a ton of work done on it instead of just fixing the head gasket as I always have new ideas. When dealing with cars like this its hard to find the right people for the job so thats why its been a bit quiet. The car even took a trip down to Germany for a company that I thought was right for the job. Turned out that was not the case, so then I really took my time to figure out where to send the car to in order to finally once and for all finish it!

The car has new found its perfect builder with Caresto and Leif Tufvesson. Leif has an impressive background as a car builder having built numerous award winning cars around the world. What really caught me  the most though was that he was the chief developer for Koenigsegg for 6 years, so things are really being brought to the next level. Unfortunately Leif is just to good and their skills offers new possibilities on what can be done with the car. So once again the car is undergoing a major reconstruction and will be re engenered and re designed. I wish that  we could just stop developing this car and just take it out on the road and be happy with it,  but I have never been good at setteling, I need things to be perfect!

In a few weeks when things are coming together more I will make sure to keep you guys updated on the progress of the build, but with the former chief developer of Koenigsegg in charge I can assure you that it will be something amazing!  Stay tuned for more info!


  • Marcus.W


    Har du varit och besökt platsen där den ska byggas (i utvälinge) ? :)
    Bor nämligen inte långt ifrån den platsen!

    Blir säkert bra!!


  • Greg

    Found this epic photshop of an aventador with a skibox on the roof, wouldnt that be something for you? ;)

  • Victor

    Hey Jon

    Kan du inte göra ett collage av alla dina gamla bilar?? Hade varit grymt kul å se utvecklingen ;)

  • Simon

    This is getting even sicker… unbelievable =)! Good luck and do not hold back!

  • TechNic

    Jon! Why even ruin a brilliant car that you already have. Why not keep the Rebellion and build a new one from scratch? Or sell the Rebellion and build a brand new.

  • yolo

    This is what I love about you, Jon (no homo) – you keep the surprise element in this blog up at a constant level. I wouldn´t be shocked if you suddenly posted something about opening a nightclub in Cannes after finished with skiing

  • driver

    And this time it WILL be in the Gumball? Really looking 4ward to seeing it. That R18 pic… is that a good guess of things to come?

  • donger

    Will this have a ski box on it??

  • Fredrik

    Finally!!! Been waiting for this update since Gumball! You must keep us updated about what’s going on and what the plans are! Think this is my favourite car all time!

  • JRG ©

    I’ve been waiting for this update, for a very long time. Awesome!

  • Axel

    Hey Jon,

    I wonder what has happened to all of your cars? Maybe I’m not the only one wondering. Would be great and really fun if you wrote a summary of each car and what has happened to it. If you still own it, if you sold it and so on. Would be really fun and interesting to read. Your a great idol Jon, keep going!


    • Fredrik

      I second that!

    • J


      • Greg


  • Was just thinking about this car the other day, how we would love to do a feature of it. Loved it when it was in red.

    You should take a look at Jon if you havent already. Have your people contact my people, LOL. :-)

  • Anders

    Holy f*ck! Can´t wait to see it!

  • RDS

    The original V8 Twin Turbo is kept or swapped ? What will be changed this time ? The body shell ? Or interior getting upgrade ? By the way , it’s nice to hear the Rebellion is coming back soon !

    • JON

      RDS- EVERYTHING…. (Wind screen is still the same… thats about it… ;-)

      • RDS

        @Jon , woah ! Now that’s something amazing ! Can’t wait to see it’s final form ! :D