Jon Olsson
  • Lars-Petter Fure

    Hello my inspirator and the star I looking up to.
    My name is Lars-Petter Fure, 19 years old from Norway, and I think that I´m your biggest 19 year old superultramega-fan. I have watched all your 100 + 365 vlogs, visited Monaco, Cap Estel and so on, just to be at the same places that you have been too. I have bought several Douchebags and have been contacted some car-paint shops in Norway to make my car Winter-camo, just because I love it!

    My girlfriend, friends and special my parents says that i´m to addicted to you and your vlogs and your life, and that you have been a big part of my life the last 1,5 year. Hahah.

    I have one question for you. I have for a long time wanted to buy some yeezys, but thats quite expensive. Since that I am a crazy fan of you, I was wondering if it was possible to buy one pair of your yeezys when they are worn, and you don´t want to use them anymore. I´ll pay the shipping, just because i love you and yeezys.

    Hope you read this and that you “leave a comment below” or send me a e-mail to:

    Best regards;

    Lars-Petter Fure

  • cinecam media

    I’m just wondering if you are reading comments on your website :D Actually, it is a bit funny that you have thousands of comment on your videos but no one is commenting here :)
    BTW I hope one day I will meet with you, or be a part of Team Overkill. Do you think it is possible??? :D (I’m a 17 years old, (super enthusiastic) filmmaker)