Jon Olsson

Todays WOD


With all the traveling over the past few weeks I have not been killing it on the work out side of things, tried to change that today! I have seen pictures of people running on the bottom with rocks so I asked Riley to take us to a good place to give it a try. Drove over to Waimea Bay and jumped in the water, was way easier than I thought, but the longer we tried to stay down the more exhausted I got, super fun work out though!

Dove through a few more caves as well, still scary but I am strarting to like it! They say that its important to feel comfortable in the water in order to become a good surfer, so I am working on that while we wait for waves! ;-)


  • Johan

    How deep is the bottom you are running at, and how deep down are the caves? Looks awesome

    • JON

      I would say about 3-5 meters when running and about 3-4m in the caves… Scary but fun!


  • SandR

    Great pictures and awesome bloggin’ over the last few days, Jon! I really like the frequency of posts. You’re almost looking like a professional blogger, haha! Keep up the good work!


    • JON

      Thanks! ;-)


  • Moby Ibrahimovic

    awesome pictures bro. I always like your blog, its a great alternative to addicting uppers