Jon Olsson

Tom Tom wants to rally!


Finally made it to St. Caterina. The 2,5h trip I had planned turned out to be more like 6h as Tom Tom lead us up a route that would have taken us over the Stelvio pass. That pass was however extremely closed so we went from having "39 km to destination" to having another 4h in the car. I would have freaked out if it was not fr the fact that the road was very slippery and very very fun! ;-)

Super G in the morning, stoked to go FAST! ;-)


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  • Memphiszr

    Drift it like you stole it!
    Nice drive Mr Olsson!

  • Hollywood

    Du har säkert redan sett denna men kanske ett alternativ?


    haha, you have to improve your geography skills Mr. Olsson! ;-)

  • Me Gust

    Haha, i almost shat my pants when i saw me gusta, love it! Keep killing it Jon!

  • jo

    #4 is the def the pic of the year

  • Mike

    haha like a boss. me gusta!

  • Driver

    Is Oskar back behind the camera?

  • Kev

    HAHAHAHAHAHAH the me gusta face just took this post to another level

  • Marco

    Jon drifting with a “me gusta meme face”. God, that made me laugh!

  • Jasper

    Nice! Like a BOSS!