Jon Olsson

Turk and Caicos


Good morning!

As usual me and Janni are the leaders of Team Jet Lag so we are the first ones up in the morning! We are staying in this incredible hyper mega villa here in Turks And Caicos together with a bunch of Girls who are all here with Revolve which is an online clothing store. Will shoot a house tour here today but hoping the weather will clear a little as its a bit grey out now!

Having a lot of fun with my new Fuji camera trying out the JPG mode, I usually always shoot in RAW format but with this camera its super fun to shoot with the inbuilt film simulations in JPG mode, kind of fun to go for a different look sometimes! Below are a few ones we shot yesterrday, taking my Instagram husband job very seriously here which I have noothing against, I almsot have to ask Janni to shoot as I just love taking pictures! As you can see this place is a little better than average! haha

Stay tuned for more Vlogs and house tours from here! For now enjoy a couple pics!



  • Adam Wistoft

    Virkelig Flot! Thanks for inspiring all of us, young creators out there. Can’t wait to go shoot next time!

  • Ida Pettersen

    WOW!! Disse bildene er SÅ sykt fine!

  • Emma Möllerberg

    WOW, amazing photos!! As someone else is saying, it’s not just the camera that is good – you are an amazing photographer! Also wondering about which film simulations you have used for these photos? (as I shoot with Fuji myself too). Thanks for producing the best vlog there is, and also for being as big of an inspiration to me that you are! All the best//Emma

  • Lucie Nejezchlebová

    Great photos! That place in epic!

  • iampepa

    Wow, Great Job Jon :) i like your style and Janni is perfect for your pics

  • Jørgen Pharo Flaten

    It’s not only the camera that Is good, you are also a very good editor

  • Anonym

    När skall du och Janni åka på hennes 4 dagars födelsedagspresents resa med din kära Janni, utan kameror eller vloggar?? Och kan du börja blogga varje dag, både på svenska??!!

  • Ana Autoimaging

    How beautiful is this house !
    The picture are insane, but I know you edit the pictures a lot.
    Great job, thank you !
    Greetings from Switzerland