Jon Olsson

Turks in pics!


There we go again! House tour edited, exported and uploaded so I figure that I should post a few pics before we head out for the day since we shoot about a million pics here! Just a random selection from the day, will post a few more later once I have time to edit them! Its been so fun to just focus on being Jannis person photographer and have the time to shoot a bunch, something that I have not had time to do over the past year!

Weather is still not cooperating so unsure of todays plans, but I am sure that we will come up with something fun!

See you guys tomorrow!


  • Niklas Magen Edman

    Hi Jon.

    I have been following you your whole careear, throgh the X-Games and evrything. Loved your big jump event in swe stadion that you did put up :)

    Im big fan but not in a creepy way haha you are just a so big insperation, and you also have become such a good fotographer. Got any tips where I can learn to take better pics and stop using auto focus. Im not that good of a reader.

    You and Jani are so good together keep it up guys in team overkill.

    Hope to see u som more in swe tv interviews soon.

    Peace out.

    PS: Benji rocks!

  • Great photos, yoga is such a good workout and location is amazing! Awesome vlog as well.
    Have a wonderful day xx

  • Felix K.

    Hey Jon, awesome pictures and the vlog was great as well!
    Question: which lenses are you using? And is there any possibility you could update your equipment description on this Blog oe make a video about it? That would be really appreciated!
    Anyways have a nice few days over there :)
    Auf Wiedersehen,

    • JON

      Will get better at adding that in the Blogs so you know what everything was shot with! The first Blog post from Turks was all Fuji and the jetski bikinii onne was all GH5 with 100-400 lens!


  • Roger Vall├Ęs

    Good pictures! This villa is amazing. That’s real motivation to work harder to be able to go to places like this!

  • Ana

    Hi Jon !
    Many thanks for these pictures ! And for sharing yoga poses, it’s inspiring. Keep posting pictures, I love them !

  • Olivers Abens

    Tjena Jon!

    You vlogs and photography has really inspired me and mainly just amazed me of your dedication, skill and energy. I just saw that you only had 5 comments, so I thought you should get a bit of love for these amazeballs pictures.

    Have fun in your villa and good luck with your life adventures!

    Greetings from your home and native land, Sweden. :)

    • JON

      Thanks! haha Will get better at reading and replying to these!


  • Ali Coley

    Love the vlogs and really glad that now you have a little bit more time to yourself and yanni.

    I love seeing your photography, you are the reason I have got into photography and videography.

    If we get to see more blogs and photography that would be amazing. I really like it when you show us the shots you have taken while filming the vlog, its a cool segment. I think your editing skills make everything look better but thank again for your inspiration.

    • JON

      I agree, the Blog is a good place to geek outa bit more! ;-)


  • Flappy_bird

    Hi Jon!

    You travel a lot. Would be nice, if you could make a vlog about what you carry with you on the plane. What’s in your Aviator??
    Much appreciated! Thanks!

    Kind regards from Norway :-)

  • Tammo Klaassen

    Amazing shots, the editing is on point in my opinion, did you use the GFX for those shots?

  • Gunther Gunderson

    Love the shots from the drone, are those screenshots of the video or are you taking pictures with the drone? curious to find out!

  • Lucas Henning

    I really like your pictures from Turks an Caicos! Especially the colour pictures in this blog entry. Did you edit them all with the Fuji or did you use a special Lightroom Preset?
    Love your Blog and your Vlogs :-) Keep on going!

  • Anthimos Pazakos

    Very Good,But reduce a litltle the Clarity ,and the highlights because the faces have weird shades

    • Olivers Abens

      Wow, I didn’t realize that at first. Well spotted! :)