Jon Olsson

Two steps forward-One step back…


Today has been an epic day so far! Spent the first part of it on the beach where we hung out with camels and sky skrapers in the background while doing some rehab exercises. We then drove over to the gym and pushed it a bit harder there! So everything was going great until I got a call from the surgeon that had some last minute schedule changes due to a few emergency surgeries so once again my time was moved back until the 25th of Feb. Though to hear as I had really set my mind on the 19th, but I guess in the long run 6 days is not going to make a huge difference, the important thing right now is that I get the very best treatment and that I focus even harder on the prehab!  So once again, you have to work with what you got!

Off to dinner with a few Gumball friends so that should be epic, I am sure they have some great spots to show us! On the Olympics side of things it was amazing to see the Slope style event go down today, I am not going to get into who should have had what score, I have been in the business long enough to know that you can only do your best and sometimes you get a good score, and sometimes you don't, thats just part of the game! Awesome to see the boys showcase some epic skiing to the big audience, that was the most important thing today! ;-)


  • John

    What a JockDouche on the bottom left!

  • Peter

    Hey Jon. This looks so incredible fun. Your journey inspires me! Keep the good work dude.

    Btw, can I ask what type of camera you are using? I am going to get one, but very insecure about which one.

    Get better soon, take care! Greetings from Norway.

  • So I’m curious, when do you think the People of Dubai/UEA will get:

    – Democracy
    – Freedom of press
    – Freedom of speech
    – Freedom to freely assemble
    – Freedom to organize
    – Freedom to express PDA (Public Display of Affection)

    Må så gott [Swedish for Take care (approximately)]

  • Oj det var inget dåligt sällskap ni hade i gymmet :-)
    Tycker ni 4 är otroligt inspirerande människor.
    Keep up the good work.
    Njut av er resa.

  • Fernando

    Greetings from Finland. Nice to see you being positive, that’s the most important part of the process. I had on September my surgery for ACL that was torn, slightly MCL and LCL. Now I’m running and skiing, feels awesome! You were a huge idol/hero when I started downhill skiing, and still are! Keep up the good work, and stay positive!

    Vi ses!

  • The Shot Caller

    Hard to believe you can do all that stuff with your knees with a knee problem


    wow how about how God works

    Joss dad passes away in August God helps joss out etc etc etc you get the idea

    Joss Christensen on bubble to make team learns a switch triple a few days ago was landing it perfectly and then goes out and does it to win God

    Same thing with Alex Bid gold medalist moguls

    alex helps his brothers cause God helps him win another Gold


    its all God

    • R

      What the F are you rambling about?

  • Hans

    What’s the name of this stylish gym in dubai? cheers