Jon Olsson

Unexpected plans…


When I flew down here my goal was to hit the park jumps and get better at jumping, but the whole time I was answering your questions I kept feeling a little weird about the fact that I am on a mission to hit medium kickers with no real goal with my skiing. Turns out the One hit wonder is taking place this week end and at first I had no intention of hitting that big ass kicker, but the more I thought about my current ski situation, the more I felt that I needed to just go hit this and prove to myself (and you guys) that I am still a good skier! haha

Might sound a little weird, but I do feel a little lost at times. I know that your balls shirk when you get older, but at the same time I dont know if I want to travel the world to just stay safe and ski small stuff. So tomorrow its game time and I am hitting the biggest jump I have hit in many years! I think that way I can feel like a real skier again and i can sleep well at night!

I am not going to lie though, the thing is huge and you are probably going into the jump at around 90km/h so it will be some fear to overcome for me, but when you have the whole Red Bull team down here I know I have the best guys possible to follow in order to get the speed right so I am pumped for tomorrow! ;-)


  • Stephen Butler

    Great news, good luck bro! Plus, that ODLO jacket is beautiful!

  • Christoffer Allenby

    Now we’re talking! Good luck on the jump, and if possible, a clip from the day would be awesome!

  • Will

    You’re a beast, Jon! Get it!

  • André

    Riktigt roligt att se att du vågar ge dig på denna efter ett långt uppehåll från stora kickers ! Hade vatt kul om du kunde filma det mid din actioncam och lägga upp så vi får se dig i den miljön som gjorde att du blev “Jon Olsson” !!

  • marian

    need some inspiration? check this out!!! —>>

  • Christopher Perry

    BRA JON! Du hade inte varit där du är idag om du varit en fegis.

  • Danito

    jon.. just go for it.. you know you can do it..

  • skiforsam

    are you doing the comp? or just hitting the kicker

  • jespernoren

    Sounds great, you got it in you so just send it and make it count! ;)

  • asbjørn

    Thats awesome news! is there any possibility for a video of this in the days to come?