Jon Olsson

Back in the gates!


I think my body is back! ;-) 

For the past week I have been trying to take it a bit easy even if I have been feeling pretty good, but yesterday I figured it was time to get back in the gates again! First I did a for run in a Junior GS race and after that, a for run in the junior SG race and a whole bunch of free skiing! Perfect first test to see if my legs had regained some power!

I had not touched a SG course in a about a year so I will admit that I was a little nervous (not that I should be for a short Junior SG course on "hero" snow) but once I passed the third gate I remembered how fun it is! Have been working on a tighter stance between my legs for the past few days while freesking and I think its really working for me as it sets my hip in a much better way. That plus the energy I felt made the skiing feel pretty darn nice!

On the way ont the door for another day of training, and guess what? Its perfectly sunny out!  I cant believe how much good weather this place has! ;-) So stoked to train again after a week of freesking, sometimes I really think its great to get a break from the gates and let you head relax for a bit to open it up for new thoughts!


  • You really have inspired us to want to visit to Verbier – seems like it just has great snow, and always sunny = perfect!

  • The Shot Caller

    you need as much battle testing as possible so start skiing in those super Gs unless you think you will get injured
    it will probably help your skiing

    last year you did it and it helped your skiing

    it will also take the edge off of you for your once every two weeks GS race

    I’m guessing you race GS in contests about 15 times a year throw in some other stuff the heavier skis will make it easier to manuever the smaller ones

    let the play maker know how it works

    Game up

    Go Jonny Go