Jon Olsson

Videoblog 01 – Back on snow!


When you dont get to do something you love for 9 months, it feels pretty freaking good once you get to do it again! Had a killer day up on the Stubai glacier today even though the weather rolled in super fast and cut the day short and right now is mega storm outside! We had planned to do some more filming but since the weather only held up for 3 hours this is what we got, stoked to be back up and running with the videoblog though, think its going to be a fun winter! ;-)  Hope you like it!

*** If you think I look a little stiff in my switch skiing it might have something to do with the fact that my boots had not arrived yet so I had to borrow mr Hans HYPER stiff race boots! haha 

Thanks to Seppi and Fabian Gattlen for the efficient filming! ;


  • Welcome Back!

  • dude, in all respect!!! although you went back to freestyle still carve like a racer. A freestyle skier that can make awesome turns is way cooler then one that makes gay ones like that

    • JON

      Haha, so saying my ski racer turns are gay? ;-) I skied just like i would have last year, but on twins I guess your turns look a bit different!


  • Nelson

    Awesome! Glad to see you back to the snow. Keep us updated on your progress! :)

  • Taylor

    Glad the videoblogs are black! They are one reason I started following back in the day. Glad to see you are back on snow and happy! Keep the videoblogs coming!

  • Blake

    I know jumps are priority one, but don’t shy away from the rails.

    • JON

      I suck at them so I think I will have to be ready enough to do dubs before I look at a rail! ;-) Same injury risk for me! haha


  • Carl

    AAAWWEESOOOOME to see you ski again and have the videoblog up! Gonna be really fun to see you progress. you look happy!

  • Larsa

    Thanks for giving us what we want. Enjoy a couple of weeks before hitting big,
    Otherwise you will hit big without enjoying.

  • Tereza

    That´s the Jon I like him!! Whoopaaa

  • viktor

    Kul att se dig åka igen. Super bra med video bloggen igen!!!!!