Jon Olsson

Videoblog 2 – Head factory


As the weather did not let us ski today we figured that we would work on our video blogging and shoot a little video when we went to the Head factory. Since its been a while since we did Vblogs regularly its great to do a few now in the fall so we are totally dialed in when we get to do some cool stuff! Super fun to be back up and running again! 

I am off to bed, think we might get to go skiing tomorrow so I want to make sure I am rested! ;-)


  • kroi

    Lion man is back!!

  • Mike

    So stoked to have the video blog back! Im jacked! Glad you are back on snow! What jacket are you wearing?

  • I’ve always used Anon… Outside of sponsorship are there any benefits for wearing HEAD?

  • Braden Friesz

    Jon- Super pumped the V blogs are back up. I look forward to a great winter of viewing awesome footage and an insight into your great life.

  • MPK

    love the v-blogs! quality is way up compared to your old stuff. v-blogs just kill pics any day of the week in general. also fun to watch the brotherly love. keep shooting, skiing and being awesome.

    ps. day 2 on snow must include a backflip!


  • The Shot Caller

    Hans game the f up

    you are going to WIN the world cup in Italy

    Step the F up execute elevate and fricking celebrate like a Hans Star a shooting star we see a vision of x tacy you are like a diamond in the sky

    Headed out to go duck hunting with dad and then to bag a big deer (the lion is getting jealous)

    Thankfully Jon your G friend is not ready for marriage yet

    Find a nice latin girl and elevate

    hello to Hans

    hans you need to get chinese foot massage on your feet up to your knee 3 days a week and hotsprings

    and get on the true lion diet paleo diet

    like the cave man since you are not doing it yet I predict eventually you will wake up from finishing 30 to 90th and all the sudden dominate

    You were meant to dominate Hans Get hans in this video blog we want to see him training

    Great job Jon on bringing your little brother along

    again Italy Hans prepare for war now

    when its calm prepare for war you WILL WIN IN ITALY the world cup

    Jon finally last year you started listening to me

    new girlfriend I’m sure she is a great girl but just not your soul mate

    HANS ITALY BELIEVE and train for it

    Goals are hard by the yard and a cinch by the inch

    • The Shot Caller

      You guys should compensate me for these world class comments

  • Johann

    Freakin hans:D

  • Jon

    So good, the V-blogs are exactly like back in the day apart from better quality

  • Ant

    Finally we have vídeoblog back in action!,
    Love it! And I think it’s great for you to feel that your fans support you!

  • R

    I fucking love Hans.

  • Speaking about custom made boot fitting.
    Good to see the lion man is full of confidence. But now I don’t know anymore if I want to see him win ;-)

    peace out,

  • Raoul

    so nice to have your video blog back!

  • Oliver

    Great to have the videoblog back, makes the journey a whole lot more interesting to follow!
    Lycka till med den “nya” karriären!

  • Carl

    SUper fun that the V-blogs are back. Kill it tomorrow!