Jon Olsson

Waikiki beach!


It does not get much more Hawaii than this, longboarding at Waikiki beach! Waves are pretty small on the North Shore this week so I think we will have to do some driving to find waves, I knew it was a little gamle to do North Shore at this time of the year, but luckily I have Janni and a million other things to do, so not complaining! haha Spent most of the day out in the water with Riley as the ladies gave up pretty quickly… ;-) So fun to just play around on a longboard in the mellow waves!

I did get a late afternoon session on a small break 100m from Pipeline with Jamie Obrian, so I can almost say I have been shredding Pipeline with a couple pros! haha


  • Gustav Keijser

    Hej Jon! Satt och lekte lite i Adobe Illustrator och Photoshop och kom på en snygg design på skidor som vore grymt nice till nya ODLO-kollektionen.
    Borde ju inte vara så svårt för dig att gå till HEAD och få ett par specialdesignade skidor ;)

    • Stephen Butler

      Those look sick, please do it Jon :)

      • Gustav Keijser

        Thanks man!! I’v got another design in a more white-ish color if you want to check it out ;)

      • Gustav Keijser

        White version

  • Stephen Butler

    Those photos are epic!! All taken with the Sony action cam?

  • Carl Cardell

    Tur att det är sol och blå himmel här i sthlm! annars hade man blivit lite lätt avis ;)