Jon Olsson
  • The Shot Caller

    wait till you get food poisoning I have two buddies with places in cabo one with a mansion he is still sick from 2 weeks ago

    Argentina is the place to go Mar Del Plata . you can eat like a king and still not get sick when you get back to states . go to whole foods and get some BIO K

    Hopefully you don’t get sick

    The shot caller . PS . Cozumel and Playa del carmen to me are better even Acupolco

  • Aria G.

    Any idea how to contact Jon? I heard about the food poisoning in Mexico and want to give Jon some tips to help with that. Jon, if you’re reading this, get yourself some activated charcoal. One of the very most effective things to do when you suspect food poisoning or any kind of intake of bad stuff. Generally, 5+ capsules will do the trick. You may need to follow up every few hours with another 2-3 caps for a day but then you can stop when you feel better, get a really good, strong probiotic (I bet Janni knows about probiotics so can help you with that) and then you take large amounts of good bacteria (ie. probiotics) to re-establish healthy colonies of good bacteria in your gut (which by the way are your first line of defense against the bad guys but things like daily coffee, sugar, processed refined food, kill, so you have to occasionally put the good stuff back in to support healthy gut (GI tract) function. You can email me to learn more and I’m happy to share this info with you. I’ve been coaching people on internal detox and health programs for 20 years. Long time. :-) Hope to hear from you!

  • Olof Nordin

    You’re killing it, Jon and Benji. Just a suggestion to help you with cutting down editing time for the videos even more. Logitech G13 is something I can highly recommend. It has programmable/customizable buttons so you have make your own shortcuts in adobe premiere and other programs you might use. It probably saves me about 20% or more in editing time. Its proprietary software is also available on mac and windows, also it is super easy to use and easy to bring with you. The built in memory also helps you save settings for specific programs when switching computer and/or OS. While it’s marketed towards gamers I use it for Adobe and CAD editing.