Jon Olsson

We got company!


As you know I have been pretty stoked on our camp up here in Tärnaby and with Jannis quick little visit up here it just got better! ;-)

Over the past two days we have been having a small litte "November Cup" between the EC Team skiers. We run two runs in the morning just like a race and count the over all results from thee days, just to step up the training and make it more like a race. So far the November cup has been treating me well and I have won the first two races, so if I can hold it together tomorrow I will win a week end on a Scandic Hotel! ;-) This is far from a serious race but it does bring way more focus and intensity than a regular training session, I am very happy to see that my skiing is both stabile and fast with the first races now only a few days away!

Unfortunately Janni has to fly back to Sthlm and work which is sad, but I am happy for the 48 hours I got with her! She will be replaced by another blond as you know as Mr Bakke, so you can finally look forward to some epic pics on this blog again! ;-) Stay tuned for November Cup results and more pics from Bakke! (thanks to Sam Hedaman for the race pics in the blog)


  • The first pic looks like it’s coming straight out the Tärnaby touristic brochure. Looks like an awesome place to ski.
    Make sure to win that little bet!

    peace out,

  • what an awesome first photo – looks like you are training in an amazing place!

  • The Shot Caller

    training is paying dividends

    remember first real race let it rip don’t hold back
    you are not there to take second in a minor league skiing event you are there to win

    and yes I realize a lot of guys you are going up against are often skiing at a world cup level

    I love the extra race experience the more the merrier and preferably on steeper longer runs than on world cup circuit

    Nice job

    Congrads on training hard this past year

    The Real Shot Caller

  • driver

    We now know why u wear POC goggles when crashing gates, but why is Janni not in YNIQ goggles???