Jon Olsson

Winds of change!


I was just looking though my calendar and comparing last fall to this fall, and I thought I would give you some interesting facts comparing the two years!

Aug 1- Nov 1

Training days in Gates: (not including races)

  • 2011- 6 days
  • 2012- 23 days

Gym sessions

  • 2011- 10 sessions
  • 2012- 53 sessions

Party nights

  • 2011- 14 nights (could have something to do with me becoming single) ;-)
  • 2012- 2 nights

So I feel like things are really heading in the right direction. Feel so much better about everything this year, I feel like life is stabil and I have been able to shift my focus to skiing a lot more. Sure last fall was crazy becoming single for the first time in 8 years. But over all I am feeling more comfortable with life this year and I feel so stoked to go into the 2012/2013 season. I do like I have a few people to thank for this change. Janni for being a fantastic girl, Tomas and Tobbe for being fantastic coaches and Gustav Ollas for giving me a great push in the gym.

Last day here in MC before I head north to Tärnaby for training, since its nice and sunny out I am going to jump of the computer and head out and enjoy the weather!


  • Micke

    Du Jon.. hur kommer det sig att vi får se så lite filmer på R8an.. vore ju förjäkligt om du skulle hinna sälja den och vi inte får se några videos innehållandes åkning och lite ljud från R8an. Skärpning nu! :)

  • great work dude – what a big difference from last year!

  • The Shot Caller

    you should be thanking me too

  • jonas

    jon för fan, gör ordentliga squats utan “stödställning” och platta under fötterna. Du som prof atlet borde ha en bättre pt än så.

  • omg

    You look so fucking dumb, squatting like that – why do you post the picture again ?

  • Mendis

    Keep on this way Jon!