Jon Olsson
  • Rob DeMarzo

    What is the brand name of that weighted comforter that you got through the mail? It was white and contained individual weights.

  • Sandor Melgaard

    What jacket are you wearing Jon, and where can I get one? “waercolour”

  • B Golden

    Hi Jon,

    I was looking for the most direct way (least public) to reach out and this seems to be it. Firstly, congratulations on your upcoming nuptials – you two are the
    most charming, adoring couple. I love how much you love each other. Secondly, by the time you read this, you will likely have hit 1,000,000 subscribers! That’s an amazing accomplishment.

    I wanted to pay a bit of a tribute, as a means of saying thanks for the inspiration and for the lessons. There are lots of things that can be learned, through the vicarious experience of watching your YouTube channel – which I have been doing obsessively over the past month or so, starting at #001, with Marcus.

    So, to keep things as concise as possible (I too can stretch an ending), other than enjoying the entertaining and envy-inducing life that you lead, here are the lessons I have learned so far. Most are reinforcements of existing beliefs; it’s inspiring to see you embrace them so fully:

    1. Be the star of your own life. Live your life fully; challenge yourself constantly and be the driver of your own destiny. Take risks, push yourself (maybe not from a rooftop!). Don’t wait to live your life.

    2. Love your wife, love your life. Appreciate your wife, your family and those close to you. Recognize that they are inevitably making accommodations for you so, make accommodations for them.

    3. Channel the positive, even in the face of adversity. Learn how to turn setbacks into challenges, persevere. Great advice in life and in business.

    Those are the lessons to date; I’m sure there are more to come. So, please let me wish you, Janni, Benni and your extended family a happy and healthy 2018.
    I know it will be full of adventure, challenge and inspiration.